The Weekly Smile


My friend Trent have a Weekly Smile post every week, where he share positive experiences from the past week, and encourage others to do the same. Get the good energy flowing! There’s so many things to be grateful for, small and big things. I’m going to try to post a Weekly Smile in the beginning of every week. This is my third entry.


Cherry Tomatoes


My biggest smile every week goes to my daughter, she always makes my days brighter with her presence. As a very good second this week, is how wonderful my garden is doing, considering that it is the first time I have a garden in the Mojave Desert. (Learning by doing…)


Tiny, but very healthy fig tree.

My cherry tomato plants have tiny tomatoes on them, and my fig cuttings are growing lots of new leaves. I have a very tiny garden this year. I don’t want to invest my soul in someone else place, that I’m not going to stay at forever. However, I’m very grateful, and happy that my tiny garden is doing great!



The two beautiful pomegranate trees that already beautified the backyard when I came, is a nice bonus. Share some smiles! What makes you smile this week?


Ms Zen

21 Comments on “The Weekly Smile

  1. That dog plant is beautiful! And you have tomatoes!!

    My smile came in the form of brand new shutters! My sweet man made them for our LakeHouse! Now I get to paint them!

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    • Thank you! New shutters, that is indeed something to smile about 🙂 I’m going to head over to your blog, and hope that I will get a glimpse of them there 🙂 Your lake house is lovely!!

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  2. Glad you are getting some life from your little garden. I know growing plants is important to you. Eventually you’ll be able to do it larger scale…

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    • Thank you Trent! I will! I’m already planning in my head what I’m going to grow. I’m going to be limited waterwise, so I’ll have to plan ahead, and learn more about gardening with less water. In a way its good that I have time to learn before I do it full time.

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