Watching Wild Horses In Nevada

Virginia Range

The immense peace, and joy that comes from watching wild horses being horses, was something I discovered when my daughter was an infant. During a rather stressful part of my life (moving to another continent, learning a new language and culture, leaving my daughter’s father, etc etc,) I once again found relief by horses. I’ve had a love story with horses since before my first memory. It doesn’t weaken through the years, it’s the opposite, it gets more and more important.


It’s still one of my absolute favorite things to do. I do it every opportunity I get. Here in Nevada there’s plenty of opportunities to watch horses being horses. The wild ones are not loved by everyone, due to the complicated challenge of who has the right to the range? How to manage them? Should the mustangs be managed? Birth control? I don’t have any answers to those questions, but I follow the debate closely, as it is a matter close to my heart.

When I first got aquatinted with these majestic animals, I started to collect photos, facts, and stories. I published my first book, a deluxe coffee table book, with my observations 2013. (My business info in the book is outdated, but the rest is till enjoyable.) When I published the book I decided to donate 50% of the books profit, to non-profits (of my choice) that works for the wild horses. I haven’t done any marketing for the book lately, but that still stands when I do sell copies.

View Nevada Mustangs - Living Symbols Of The West by Maria Northcutt Jansson

This is the front cover of the book. If you click on the image it takes you to my book store, where you can see a preview of the book, and get your copy if interested.

I patented the title of the book, and I’ve been starting to think of a second edition. I don’t have enough material yet, but I am collecting photos, and stories for a sequel. Feel free to contact me if you have an idea that you would like to see in the book. 

How is your week so far? I still feel on top of my world after last weekend camping trip! I hope the feeling rubs off on you ❤


Ms Zen

21 Comments on “Watching Wild Horses In Nevada

  1. What a BEAUTIFUL post! And what a beautiful book Maria. I Love it and all you do for wild mustangs. Horses are definitely special animals, makes we wish I could buy property and have a horse rescue. Maybe it’s good I don’t as who knows how many I would end up with! I’m having a GREAT week! ❤️🐴🐎🥰

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  2. You have such a heart for nature, Maria, but wild horses have captured yours once and for all! I hope your book is still selling, it looks beautiful and I’m sure your photos are glorious! Enjoy your cool day today!

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    • Thank you so much. I sold a book yesterday, that reminded me that I still had it up for sale. Lol. I actually wasn’t sure I still did. Have an amazing day!

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  3. Do you know which HMAs (horse management areas) you photographed in for the book? My adopted BLM mustang is from Nevada – I wonder if you could have caught him on film during his wilder days!

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  4. What a great project /book idea! Keep at it.


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