China Ranch


On the way back from our camping trip to Death Valley National Park last weekend, we stopped at China Ranch. A family owned date farm, with a fabulous cactus garden, and gift shop. Located in Tecopa (CA,) in the Mojave Desert.


I love dates, and eat dates every week. I was very surprised by the great variety of dates that I’ve never heard of, that they are growing right there, in their little oasis, in the middle of the Mojave Desert. You can taste samples of the dates in the gift shop, and buy your favorites.


Along one of the trails.

China Ranch is a worthwhile pit stop, or could even be a destination during the cooler months. It was a little too hot to explore everything. I would of liked to spend more time in the rock shop, but even in there it was kind of warm. There was several trails that definitely needs exploring one day this fall.


Gorgeous blooming cacti outside the gift shop. Their cacti garden was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.


Blooming Cholla





I absolutely loved this place. I wish it was a little closer. It’s about a two hour drive from Las Vegas.

I feel that this is a fitting contribution to my friend Terri’s Sunday Still;Warmth. There’s definitely enough of that in The Mojave Desert. The desert both intrigues me, and scares me at the same time. It’s an absolute opposite to the cold mountain town, in northern Sweden that I grew up in. We had snow 8 months out of the year..LOL. That such a place could even exist feels unreal here. I hope you enjoyed the visit to China Ranch. I sure did. The place is well kept, and loved.

Did your week get off to a good start? Mine did, it’s been a great week so far. I still have plenty of Death Valley photos to share with you, I’m hoping to get to that later this week. To be continued..


Ms Zen

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  1. I often wonder what people who come from an opposite environment think of the desert. I understand perfectly what you mean about being mesmerized and also scared! It can be daunting to be in a desert, a different kind of wilderness. Have you ever seen tumbleweeds yet? They are truly awesome when they tumble across the desert. Great post by the way. I am also a big fan of dates! Yum!


    • It definitely is a different type of wilderness. I think it affects my mind more than other wilderness areas. The heat sometimes plays tricks on me. I have seen tumbleweeds dance in the wind. I lived in northern Nevada, before moving to California. I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful spring my friend.


  2. I have yet to visit Death Valley, though I drive up to Carson City from Prescott, once a year. This year, will be going to Carson from eastern Nevada, in July, then on down to Prescott. If it’s monsooning, I may detour to Death Valley, just for a rainy experience.

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  3. I wilt just thinking of the heat! Looks like a great place to explore. I didn’t realize that there were several kinds of dates, but of course, there would be!

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  4. Great photos MJ, I used Google Earth to have a look at that area. have been near it via Pahrump 😎

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  5. I didn’t realize there is different varieties of dates? That’s so interesting and lovely photos. What a great place to visit someday and what difference’s you are experiencing with weather, or weather extremes in your life! ❤️🥰😀

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  6. This place looks so interesting with all the different cacti. I guess it would be quite warm this time of year, and a good stop from Death Valley back to LV. My brother just moved from San Diego to LV this week and I’ve told him about some of the amazing places around the area, from your blog and mine. It may be too hot to visit now but at least these are on his list! Rain is on the way this week, maybe you can get out again in cooler temps! Glad you had a memorable Mother’s Day, Maria!

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    • It is a very interesting place. You can really tell that you’re on someones property, is very family like.

      I hope your brother will like it here. There is definitely much to see and experience. I did see that we’re expecting some cooler temperature. I’m very excited about that! As always, I really enjoy your blog. It oozes off all the positive energy you have 🙂

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