A New Life


A new life. I was hoping to see some wild horses when I went up to the mountains last weekend. It didn’t take very long before we spotted some. One mare had a foal laying next to her. I didn’t see the baby breath, and I didn’t want to go close and disturb them. I zoomed in with my telephoto zoom lens, and saw that the little baby was breathing. A few hours later, on hour way home we spotted them again. This time the foal was walking around, and nursing his mom. It was such a relief to see him standing on his own legs. He looked straight at me a couple times. These are the moments my friends.


Ms Zen

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    • Thank you ๐Ÿ™ it was an experience. Iโ€™ve seen baby horses before, having worked at a breeding operation, but itโ€™s so special every time.

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