The Spirit Of The Sandstone

Altl Rock I experienced my first cloudy day at Valley of Fire a few days ago. It was like all the colors got so much more intense. It invited us to explore, and inspired my daughter to feel the sand, and the rocks with her hands, and bare feet. The intensity of the colors wereContinue reading “The Spirit Of The Sandstone”

The Weekly Smile

My friend Trent have a Weekly Smile post every week, where he share positive things and thoughts, and encourage others to do the same on a weekly basis. To get the good energy flowing. I’m all in for that! There’s so many things to be grateful for, small and big things. I’m going to try toContinue reading “The Weekly Smile”

Valley of Fire State Park

How was your weekend? Maybe you have an extra day off today? I’m working as usual today, but have a long weekend to look forward to next weekend. I just wanted to share a few family photos, from a day trip we made to Valley of Fire State Park yesterday. Valley of Fire State Park,Continue reading “Valley of Fire State Park”