National Pet Parents Day


This past Sunday was National Pet Parents Day. Something I completely missed. I promised my friend Terri to contribute to her Sunday Stills challenge with a post in honor to that. 

The photo above is my dog Gretchen that particular day. We were exploring a cool spot in the mountains, when we stumbled upon someone’s deserted campground. They had not followed the golden rule of camping, and backpacking; Leave no trace. Pack in, pack out. Gretchen found this dog toy, that toy, and some patches of snow made her day.

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Gretchen loves adventures, and goes with me everywhere. This photo was taken last fall, on a camping trip to Mount Charleston.


Here she’s posing for a picture during a hike in northern California.

At the moment Gretchen is my only four legged friend. Before her there’s been a few good dogs, and a big number of horses (20+).  A fellow blogger reminded me the other day of the most unlikely pet I’ve had, a Flemish Giant Rabbit.  Her name was Lucy. She was as fierce and loyal as a German Shepherd. I’m not kidding. They are usually known for their docile nature, apparently Lucy did not read the manual. She was almost the size of a German Shepherd as well. She used a cat litter, and roamed free in the house. I got her when she was 6 weeks old, and I was definitely her person. She sometimes decided that other people wasn’t allowed near me, and sank her sharp teeth in their legs. She was a challenging pet to have, but I loved her.

Did you celebrate National Pet Parents Day last Sunday? If so, what did you do? Cheers to all the fabulous, amazing pets that brighten our lives ❤



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18 Comments on “National Pet Parents Day

  1. In reading of your pet rabbit, I am reminded of the tale President Carter once told, of having to fight off a giant rabbit, whilst on a vacation trip to the Snake River, in Idaho. I usually get along with animals, by not being aggressive or loud.

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  2. Gretchen is gorgeous! Because we travel so much we have decided to not have a pet. We have had them in the past and truly loved them! But now we are at a different time in our lives… so I hope you celebrate for us!

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  3. Incredible photos! I’ve never seen a giant rabbit, and Gretchen looks so bright and healthy MJ. 😎❤️

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    • Thank you so much John! I believe, and hope, that Gretchen is a happy dog. She’s awesome in every way. I told my daughter this morning on the way to school, that Gretchen sometimes doesn’t get the cred she deserves. She always listens, and often foresees what you want before you have the chance to ask. She doesn’t destroy things, or make a lot of noises, she’s just happy to be close by. I often look up finding her eyes watching me closely. I couldn’t ask for a better dog. She’s the perfect fit for us.

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  4. Happy pet parent day, such BEAUTIFUL photos of Gretchen! I am surrounded by animals as they are a huge part of my life with my family. Such a lovely post! ❤️😀

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  5. Beautiful photos and life of Gretchen. ❤ And fun to hear about Lucy! A giant fierce biting rabbit? 😮 Incredible! Do you have any photos of her?

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  6. How amazing to read about Lucy the Giant Rabbit and of course to see beautiful Gretchen in her photographs, Maria. I wish my knucklehead dogs would sit still long enough to get a decent shot of them. I’m sorry I’m late reading and sharing, it fell into my spam folder! You are a wonderful pet parent as well as a human parent, Maria! Thanks for sharing your pets with us!

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    • Awe thank you Terri 🙏❤️ Lucy was special that’s for sure. I saw a Flemish Giant rabbit on Craigslist last year, and almost got it … but then I remembered all the challenges. Lol. Gretchen is a very sweet and easy pet to have.

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