The Rock House


Would you live here?


This was desert artist Carl Faber’s home in Mojave. We checked it out last Saturday.


I could easily see myself living in a similar house.



The solitude, the views, the spirit of the desert, and the absence of noise.



The simple sheer beauty of nature.


All these photos are taken within minutes from the rock house. Could you live there? Would you enjoy the simplicity? Or would the harsh conditions feel uncomfortable? Either way, I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour to the rock house. Did you notice the extremes I experienced last weekend? LOL. This in the morning, and then Fremont Street in Las Vegas Saturday evening..


Ms Zen

22 Comments on “The Rock House

  1. I would live there only with the proper basics since I have health issues. The home has a fabulous view though, wow! Where is it?

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    • It is very dry, it’s desert, but this is on higher elevation. It was 90 in Vegas that day, and only 75 here. I’m sure it can get hot in August, but it could be worse.

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  2. Haha I was thinking that this Carl Faber must had been an artist, sure enough! I never heard of him. I think that is the reason Georgia O’Keefe has always intrigued me, the quest for solitude and creating in such a beautiful enviroment. I could do it but I have to have trees and water near by. The most beautiful deserts I have been in was eastern Oregon. Great post, especially when I have learned of a new artist, at least to me.

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  3. Guess you like extremes, lol! NO people to LOTS of people! 😉 Having seen both, I think I would prefer the desert house (no surprise there), but it would take me a while to get used to it. I might get too lonely. ❤

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    • Well, I’d like some people if I get to choose 🙂 Just not in my lap. I like a little more water, and less dry air, if possible as well. It was a very beautiful place though 🙂

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  4. I may be able to be out in a rock house like that but it has to have lots of land for all my horses! And then you would have to teach me how to garden so I could have sustainable gardening – so we could grow most everything we would need. 😀 Well, what ever we could grow in the desert. Maybe I would have a different place for the summer months as I bet it gets really hot there! I must say though, in general I would not want to be too far from a town or suburb for all the amenities they offer. I’m terrible, love the outdoors but am slowly learning about gardening and sustainable living!! I love your post! ❤

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    • I think it would be challenging to have a garden. It would have to be raised beds, and soil from somewhere else. Not impossible though. It’s on higher elevation and it was much cooler than in Vegas. There is a spring close by, so there is water. No town nearby. The nearest gas station is probably 45 min away. Have a fabulous day my friend ❤️

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  5. Wonderful desertscape! I think I would enjoy living in this house as a vacation home but not permanently, it feels too isolated and sometimes, no matter how beautiful the landscapes are, the isolation can drive a person crazy.

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  6. I love the house and the last photo. 🙂 Such a fun jacket!! I’d have it too! And I’d live in this house if it’s protected against the elements sufficiently. Solitude doesn’t bother me in the least. Happy weekend!

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