Sagittarius Viking


For a while I’ve been thinking about how to make my blog more appealing to you, my readers. I want my blog to reflect who I am, and inspire others. Last Sunday I worked on a new design, the one that you see now. I also made it easier to find my personal favorite photos in my art gallery, by adding them in the top menu, under different categories. What do YOU think about the new design? Your opinion is important!

I also created a Facebook page this morning, to reach a broader audience. I would love it if you liked my new page! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Something else I worked on this past weekend is my about page, that I call Purpose. I was pretty happy with it, just as I was pretty happy with my blog, before giving it a face lift. That was not good enough! If you visit my Purpose now, you would really get to know me, and my mission.

As a way of introducing all the new readers I’m expecting now 😉 I’m going to re-post some of the most defining posts that I’ve shared these past two years, with an update about the particular project, or thought the post was about, and where it ended up in line with my goal.

Like I said, I would love for you to like and share my Facebook page, and give me some feedback about the changes here on my blog. Your voice matters! I hope you’re having a fabulous day today! It’s currently sunny and 73 in Las Vegas.


Ms Zen

PS. My mission is, as always, to share zen strategies; encourage a healthy lifestyle, with a close connection to nature and animals, using my photos and stories as the medium for inspiration.


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