Last week we built a snowman, and had snowball fights, in layered winter clothing. This week we have Capri pants, and t-shirts. It was 71 degrees yesterday, and we are promised a whopping 73 today. The change of the season is vibrating in the air. I wonder what it will bring? I’m learning more and more about Las Vegas. The weather, the culture, and everything in between.

If it was up to me, the weather could stop here, at 73 degrees. I don’t need it to get any hotter. I’m very comfortable now. I would be OK if it got a little warmer, lets say 80 degrees? My future garden would like that. I know it will be a lot hotter before the summer is over. LOL.

The photo is from Lake Tahoe, and not from Vegas. I took it today, four years ago. I kind of like when beautiful places you spent time at pops up in your social media stream. I try to only share positive posts, that would make others, and myself happy to see.

I felt like starting some seeds yesterday, and I knew that I had some saved up in my personal seed bank, BUT when I looked into it, none were suitable for this area. I need to order some today. However I refused to give up, I felt like planting something. So the two little boys I care for, and I, planted some Organic Medjool Date pits, from dates we had with our breakfast. I’ve done that before, and they do grow. Fast enough for kids to make the connection between the pit they planted and the actual plant. Looking forward to see that project progress.

Time to turn wake my little Princess up, and get ready for the day. How is your week so far? Have a fabulous day!


Ms Zen

11 Comments on “Spring

  1. That’s a beautiful photo MJ, I’ve never been to Tahoe. It’ll certainly be far hotter soon and I love it! This winter has been the wettest and coldest in my six years in Vegas. Bring on the heat! 🔥🌵🌴😎

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    • Thank you so much John! Tahoe isn’t that far away, it’s well worth a weekend trip. Tahoe actually have a lot in common with the little town I grew up outside; the slopes, the restaurants, the style of architecture on the houses. the locals, the tourists, and the lake. You’re going to get your hot weather soon 🙂

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  2. I would worry about the heat there. But a great idea to enjoy the weather as it is today! My Mom always dreamed of having her own green house and had numerous gardening books. I must say though with 6 kids and a busy life I never saw her dream come true. She also had some unfortunate financial problems (my dad and her of course) which snuffed that dream away. Kinda sad, but we all have dreams and not all can be fulfilled. I remember her taking avocado pits and putting toothpicks in them and hanging them in a small glass or bowl to start them. Fun to watch as young kids. Never got a tree or anything, but such a great idea for the little ones you take care of to start something to grow! ❤️ Have a WONDERFUL almost weekend! 😁💚🌿

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    • Thank you my friend! Sorry that your mom never got her own greenhouse, but fun with the avocado pits. My daughter and I actually got 5ft tall trees from a bunch of avocado pits we sprouted. It took a couple years, then we moved, and I gave them away. We never saw any fruits on them. It was fun though, and I think avocado leaves are beautiful. Have a great weekend!

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  3. I’m looking forward to seeing temperatures above freezing. 71 F would be hot! And I agree – the temperature can stop rising in the 70s, just stay there 😉

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  4. Funny thing about Tahoe, is the summer temps can stay in that 70 degree range for several months. Yes, the desert is HOT but it has its charms. High five on planting the dates with the kiddos, Maria. Always a fun project. It’s been cold and rainy here, but very green! Enjoy those mild temps while you can!

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    • Ooo yes, I love Tahoe, the weather is just perfect there. Maybe slightly shorter gardening season 🙂 Unless you have a heated greenhouse. I hope you get some sunshine this weekend my friend. ❤

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