Weekend Coffee Share – Adventure At Lake Mead


Good Morning, I can’t believe it’s already Sunday. How is your weekend so far? Would you like some coffee, or tea this beautiful morning?

My body has been craving tea in the mornings for a while. I love coffee (as you know. The stronger the better,) but lately I’ve been craving tea to start my day. Herbal tea that is. Today I had Echinacea tea (with lemongrass, and licorice root,) to go with my avocado toast, and fresh dates. I have some of that hot black gold as well, if that’s what you prefer today.

What’s the weather like where you are? Are you enjoying cold, snowy days? We’ve had a comfortable week in the lower 60’s. Our weekend adventure this week went to Lake Mead. (All the photos in the post are from that trip.) It was a few degrees cooler there, but still very comfortable. I have been to Lake Mead before, but not spent that much time there. I really enjoyed exploring a little more, and I will definitely go back, when it gets hot in the city.


Majestic Lake Mead looking out towards Arizona, near Hoover Dam. 

Lake Mead is a beautiful oasis in the desert. It’s located on the Colorado River, just minutes from The Las Vegas Strip! It is the largest man made reservoir in the United States. When full it has the capacity to cover the state of Pennsylvania with over one foot of water. Formed by the creation of Hoover Dam during the 1930s, the massive reservoir serves water to over 40 million people. Supplying water to several southwestern states as well as Mexico.



Rapidly rising water on the backside of Sand Island, located in Lake Mead’s Lower Basin area.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area, is a National Park with an abundance of wildlife including, Bald Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, Grey and Blue Herons, coyotes, and the endangered Desert Tortoises, as well as several other species of wildlife.


Wild Coyotes on the prowl on the shoreline in Government Wash!



Government Wash located in Lake Mead’s Lower Basin.



Gypsum Wash, Lake Mead. 



Looking towards the west at Mount Charleston’s beautiful snow capped mountains.

BTW did you see the post about our weekend adventure last weekend ? We went to Mount Charleston (in the photos above) and played in the snow. It was a fantastic weekend!




Did you make any New Years resolutions? I’ve been keeping my exercise regime so far, it’s not new, I just like to have my goals on paper (so to speak.) I remember them better over time that way.


I feel like I’m on top of the world!


My German Shepherd Gretchen loves water, and she was thrilled when she saw the lake.


My little explorers. This is a sight I LOVE.

Are we starting to get back in the groove after the holidays? This was the first week at my daughter’s new school. She was nervous the first day, but it went well. The other days she happily went to school. She scored unusually low on a test on Friday, but I don’t make to much out of that, it’s probably due to all the excitement. Her new school is stricter than her last school. Both when it comes to uniforms, and rules. I like it. I think it’s very good for her. I give my daughter a lot of freedom, but my basic parenting is stricter than most of my friends. I think that a child very well can understand the relation between freedom, and responsibility. Their actions, and the result their actions create. I give a lot, but also expect a lot from her.

Are you good on coffee? Maybe a refill? It was morning when I started to write, then I got distracted for a few hours. I’m going to have some coffee, while I’m enjoying the other coffee shares.

Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!
Grab a cup of coffee and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? What are your weekend plans? Is there a topic you’ve just been ruminating on that you want to talk about? All are welcome! Just add your link to the Linky-List, and be sure to visit others and join in their conversations!

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of Lake Mead. 


Ms Zen

Published by Sagittarius Viking

It’s all about experiences, and the healing power of nature. Life is about choosing happiness. I entered the magic world of photography when I was five years old. My gypsy soul have taken me to many different countries, and definitely taught me to be more humble. I believe that you are what you eat, body and soul. I enjoy growing my own food, and spending time outdoors. Above everything else is my daughter. A Sagittarius loves to travel, have an open mind and, and a philosophical view. It motivates them to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life. Sagittarius is extrovert, optimistic and enthusiastic, and likes changes. A lot of that perfectly describes me. The fact that my ancestors, on both parents sides, were vikings, doesn’t exactly lessen my desire to explore. Maybe a slightly more mindful exploring, compared to the average viking. My blog, and my art prints is a results of my (inner and outer) explorations. Love, Maria

27 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – Adventure At Lake Mead

  1. I love this post, MJ! Your photos of the lake and environs are beautiful. I’ve not been to the places you two went, I seriously need to get back out there soon before the summer heat returns. Gretchen looks so wonderful, love the photo of you looking so fit and healthy. Be well all three of you! 😎🌵🌴🌞

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think it is great that you get out of the city often to recharge your batteries, getting fresh air and exercise. And what great biceps, you’re a strong woman in more ways than one! 🙂
    I’m back home to cold New England. Temps are single digits at night, brrr. Still no snow, but I’m not complaining!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Eliza! Getting my nature fix does contribute to my sanity. LOL. Only half joking, I couldn’t live here, and only spend my time in the city. I’m very grateful for the abundance of nature around us.
      Single digits sound cozy. I’m imagining hot chocolate, grandmas mittens, and a fire place 🙂 Have a beautiful new week my friend.


  3. Yes, we seem to be back to normal here too! I don’t have any resolutions as my goals seem to stay with me from year to year, but as far as fitness goes, we now have a ninja gym nearby, so my training may pickup a bit!

    Thanks for the tea, and have a great week!

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  4. I enjoyed your pictures. I am so glad you get out of the city and explore the areas around you. Explorations are fun!

    And that’s exactly what we have been up to. Desert rides and hiking for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nancy I’ve enjoyed your hiking photos immensely these past few weeks! The desert is so beautiful in the winter time. All those colors, and the depth, the different textures, it fascinates me. I can smell the freshness in the photos. I love hiking in the desert in the morning. Cheers to a fabulous new week, filled with adventures!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. What beautiful photos of lake Mead! I enjoyed your tea, I like both tea and coffee. I usually have coffee in the mornings though. I can’t drink it black, I like French vanilla creamer at restaurants – at home I have sweet Italian creamer. I can’t drink milk or real cream, lactose intolerant. Haha, I’m going on so much about coffee, I’m drinking some delicious coffee as I am writing this to you, so I’m virtually ENJOYING your weekend excursions and the real thing. You look fabulous, and so does your daughter and Gretchen! ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Beautiful photos as always!
    Sorry I didn’t join the weekend coffee share. My life is a fallow land right now and I don’t have much to share. The weather has been dry and mild but so so grey. Aaaargh, grey is not my colour!
    Have a good week.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I haven’t been to the desert since I was a child, though I have been “West” (Colorado) several times. I sometimes forget how beautiful the rugged terrain can be, even if there is a large man-made lake in the middle of it. Great photos, as usual. It looks like you had a lot of fun.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I do love Colorado, though I forgot that I have also visited Wyoming a couple of times in the last couple of decades – the Tetons and Yellowstone. I love the mountains, even our small mountains on the East Coast.

        Liked by 1 person

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