A Mindful Weekend In The Mojave Desert


Let the quiet of the Mojave desert tuck you in. That’s what I did this weekend. I escaped the craziness in Las Vegas, and along with my dog I took off for a zen weekend in the desert. To me it seemed like the perfect thing to do, before Christmas, and before getting my daughter back full-time (tomorrow!!!)



I spent the weekend exploring back roads that I’ve noticed on my visit three weeks ago, but didn’t have time to explore. I hiked a few shorter hikes. The most memorable up to Teutonia Peak. I climbed some big boulders, and spent time meditating on top of them.




When you’re engulfed in a quiet sea of Joshua trees, and cacti, nothing disturbs your mind. I felt light and free, and emotional at the same time. Mojave National Preserve, it’s a 1.6 million acres park, you can easily spend a day without seeing one single soul, if you want. The cellphone reception is almost non-existing throughout the park, (some spots have a weak signal,) you need to keep in mind where you are at all times.






I’m so grateful that I could invest in my peace of mind this weekend. Exercising, and meditating outdoors really does the trick for me. I feel on the right track to coming into my mommy role full time again…and exercised enough to enjoy some good Christmas food..LOL.



I took a lot of photos, this was a little taste of Mojave’s beauty.

Have a Merry Merry Christmas!!


Ms Zen

15 Comments on “A Mindful Weekend In The Mojave Desert

  1. Lovely photos! Those Joshua’s look taller and healthier than those around Vegas. Love the photo of you and your dog! 🙏🏻❤️ It’s great your having your daughter back full time! Have a blessed Christmas.

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  2. Sounds like a great time out and the photographs are wonderful. A little what I like to think of is “Pure Introvert Time” is often needed this time of year. Glad your daughter is coming back to live with you tomorrow 🙂

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  3. That wide view is amazing – endless desert! The flora is beautiful as well. What a lovely getaway, so nice and quiet away from humanity. Have a beautiful Christmas with your daughter, M!

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  4. Beautiful photos and to get reenergized in such solitude with your best friend Gretchen is so WONDERFUL! I’m so excited for you and your daughter. I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas! ❤️ Diana

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    • Thank you so much Diana! The solitude does me good. I feel that I crave it more now when I live in the hustle and bustle of a big city. Have a wonderful wonderful Christmas with your loved ones ❤

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  5. So glad you had time in the desert…it is good to reflect and recharge…what a great gift at Christmas…time in the desert and your daughter home….blessed woman for sure!!


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