Weekend Coffee Share – Thanksgiving Week

It’s almost 6 pm Sunday. This marvelous Thanksgiving week is over. I thought that I was slightly late with my weekend coffee share, just to find out that there is no official coffee share this week. Naturally I can’t let YOU down. Can I offer you some coffee? Or pherhaps tea, since it is soContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – Thanksgiving Week”

Thankful And Grateful

When I was a young adult in my early 20’s, having recently started out on my own path, my minimalistic values were a lot like they are now. I knew that I found peace in owning less, and experiencing more. Every purchase I made had hours of work behind them, and hours of care forContinue reading “Thankful And Grateful”

Birthday Cake Pictures

As promised, here are some photos of the birthday cake I made for my little friend’s second birthday.   We are ready for the party! It was a lot of fun to make this cake, for a very sweet boy, that totally have me wrapped around his little finger ❤ I hope you’re having anContinue reading “Birthday Cake Pictures”