Someone got a new bed last night.


Do you think she’s comfortable? Up until recently Gretchen have refused to sleep on any bed I got her. I tried about a gazillion different models, before giving up. Her preference have been the floor, or the bare ground outside…until two weeks ago when I noticed that she started to nap on the patio furniture. Aha, I thought to myself, time to try getting her  a bed….again. I gave it to her last night, and she slept on her bed the whole night. As we speak she is once again sound asleep on her bed. As she is getting older I’ve noticed her getting wounds from sleeping on the hard ground, and the floor. I’m so happy that she realized that a bed is better for her. LOL.

I hope you’re having an awesome almost Halloween! I did carve a couple pumpkins today, and roasted the seeds (They were SO good.)


Ms Zen

14 Comments on “Comfortable

  1. She looks soooo passed out. My thought is that this mattress has enough cooling underneath her to stop her from getting too warm. And enough padding. ❤️😌

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  2. That’s adorable, we have gone through 3 beds for our dog they usually end up in pieces all over the yard, haha. Now Walter just gets a towel on the floor if the cat doesn’t take over it.

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