Fall – A Time To Play

There is a time for everything. Even the good book says so. I think fall is a time to play. I so love this beautiful fall weather we have! It’s been 78-80 degrees almost every day. After a hot hot summer it’s a wonderful relief. My body appreciate this weather. Even the cold, chilly evenings (don’t laugh my northern friends. I mean chilly for here.. lol.)

Last Sunday I was sitting outside, relaxing by the pool for several hours. Something that would of given me a heat stroke a few weeks ago. I’m so enjoying this amazing fall weather.

I can tell that my dog enjoys it as well. She is more comfortable, eating better, and her coat looks better as well. Her coat didn’t really like swimming in the pool 20-30 times/day….(her coat was the only one having an objection.)

I am filled with gratitude for the life that I feel returning. The cooler weather sooths my soul. I can’t tell you enough, how wonderful it is. My viking blood can never really get used to the desert heat. That said, now, this time of the year, everything is perfect. It’s beautiful, the air is crisp. I’m inspired to get out, and stay out all day long. I’m itching to explore some more hiking trail. I have several that I’m hoping to explore within the next few weeks. (The only thing keeping me from doing so is the fact that I’m in between vehicles. I’m looking at trucks every day. So I will find one soon. The right one.)

I’m both eager to explore the trails for the sake of exploring new territory, and enjoy nature, but also because I want to experiment with my new camera. (If 3 months old is still new? It’s still new to me, since I don’t know it inside out yet.) I got a new bookshelf yesterday. It’s a short one, shaped like a cube, with four shelves within. Just perfect for the corner between my bedroom window, and the closet. I put my most precious, inspiring books there,  and placed my camera on top (safely away from little curious hands..) but still in the open, where I will see it all the time. I’m thinking that it’s going to both remind me, and inspire me to take more photos. Something I usually do every day, but because of the heavy work load lately, I have almost forgotten my love. I already used it several times. Picked it up, experimented with the settings, captured some moments here and there. I’m starting to get more and more excited about the camera, just like I knew I would be. I’ve also decided to order a big print of one of my favorite photos from Grand Canyon (I’m thinking of this one. Or, I might have to go back and capture a sunrise?) To remind me of more adventures, and how I refuel my batteries. Do you have a strategy to refuel your batteries this time of the year?

I hope your week is everything good you can imagine.


Ms Zen

(Ps. The photos in this post are simple photos taken with my old iPhone 4… I know, it is time for a new phone..that will be sometime after a 4×4 vehicle, and a telephoto zoom lens, unless it breaks before that. I’m not a material girl, I just want things to work, for their given purpose. The right tools, that will do the job, allowing me to focus on the important stuff. LOL.)

12 Comments on “Fall – A Time To Play

  1. I agree, our weather has been fantastic. This time of year is wonderful in the valley! Being from Michigan I grew up in the cold, but having been here for a few years I can’t take the cold weather anymore. I have no doubt your dog is much more comfy at these temps!

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  2. OH my friend…you live so close to so many great adventures!! You and that camera are going to explode with fun!! My favorites close by would be Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Zion NP, Red Rock, Valley of Fire, and for a strange adventure…Nelson Ghost Town…south of Vegas 45 min away I think…

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    • So wonderful to see you Doug. I hope you are well. Yes, I am very excited to explore the area more. I only live 20 min from Red Rock, so I’ve been there a few times. Still endless of canyons, and rocks to explore of course 🙂 I’ve been to Valley of Fire once, but definitely want to go back now when it’s cooler out. I drove through Death Valley a few years ago, it’s amazing there! The other destinations are on my bucket list as well. I hope you’re having a great week my friend.


  3. Autumn and winter are my favourite part of the year. Maybe that’s my 18.3% Viking blood too.

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  4. I totally agree with you about Fall, especially our part of the world with warm days and cool nights. Love the pics and glad your desert weather is cooperating, Maria. Soon it will be COLD there at night!

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