To honor October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there has to be at least one PINK post, right?

I lost my mom to breast cancer, when I was 12 years old. A long time ago, but it will always be a subject close to my heart, that I support, and want to help raise awareness about. It’s difficult to grasp that I’m almost at the age when her life ended. With so many dreams ahead of me. I will never know about her dreams. I’m sure she had many, she was a very strong, brave, independent lady. I would not be the person I am today without her example.

I am blessed with good health, and I am doing everything in my power to stay healthy, physically and mentally. I believe that you are what you eat; mind, body, and soul. My mom did eat healthy, and lived a healthy life without drugs, and with plenty of exercise, nutritious food etc. but was in an abusive relationship at the time when she got ill, and I know she had at least one very abusive relationship before that.

I believe that knowing that have contributed to me being extremely picky about who I’m spending time with, and how I’m living my life. This post all of a sudden got a lot more personal than I first had in mind. LOL.

I was going to write about gardening, and how awesome it feels to plant nutritious fruit and vegetables, harvest them, and know exactly what it is that my family eats. And about pomegranates in particular. Both since they have a beautiful pink(ish) color, and since recent research suggests that pomegranates actually can help fight breast cancer cells. Among all other benefits they provide.


Pomegranates is an amazing super food. I’ve planted more pomegranate trees than I can count these past 7 years. They thrive both in containers, like in the photo above, and in the ground. They need very little water, but a lot of sun. It’s the perfect fruit to grow in a desert landscape. My dream is to one day have an orchard full of pomegranate trees, and a few fig trees.

I hope your week got off to a great start. We’re enjoying some perfect fall weather here in Las Vegas. With wonderful “cool” (for the area) weather.


Ms Zen

Published by Sagittarius Viking

It’s all about experiences, and the healing power of nature. Life is about choosing happiness. I entered the magic world of photography when I was five years old. My gypsy soul have taken me to many different countries, and definitely taught me to be more humble. I believe that you are what you eat, body and soul. I enjoy growing my own food, and spending time outdoors. A Sagittarius loves to travel, have an open mind and, and a philosophical view. It motivates them to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life. Sagittarius is extrovert, optimistic and enthusiastic, and likes changes. A lot of that perfectly describes me. The fact that my ancestors, on both parents sides, were vikings, doesn’t exactly lessen my desire to explore. Maybe a slightly more mindful exploring, compared to the average viking. My blog, and my art prints is a results of my (inner and outer) explorations. Love, Maria

16 thoughts on “Pink

  1. Isn’t our weather wonderful lately! Perfect temperatures. I’m glad you are choosing your friends and others carefully. I am sorry for your loss my friend. My mother has also passed. Be well, be safe. ❤️🌴🌵

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    1. Thank you John! The weather is very nice! I wouldn’t mind having it like this all year round. I can feel that it’s doing me good. The heat can be kind of draining. I love the energy burst that comes with this weather. Have a wonderful day my friend.


  2. Sorry to learn about the tragic loss of your mom. I’m sure it changed your life forever, as did losing mine at age 20. It causes us to veer off in a direction different from our original trajectory, for better or worse. I always say it made me the woman I am today.
    I love pomegranates! I would grow an orchard of them if I could. Your photo made me excited to think that they are coming into season once again. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, I’m sorry to hear about your loss. I am sure it did change our lives. I was shy and timid before her passing, but was forced to learn different survival strategies. It has served me well in life.

      Pomegranates are delicious! I love them. I love to eat the fruit, and when I go on longer hikes I bring pomegranate juice. It’s a great energy kick to drink the raw juice. I think it’s a wonderful thing that different fruit ripe during different times of the year. I would love to always have some ripe fruit growing in my backyard.

      I hope you’re having a wonderful week Eliza!

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  3. Sorry to learn you lost you Mum when you were so young. I was 30 when my Mum passed and had lost my Dad when I was 16. On a brighter note, I love pomegranates. They taste good and are so beautiful; they look like garnets.

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  4. It is such a beautiful thing that you are carrying on the legacy of your mother, a strong, brave independent lady, your daughter has amazing role models in you & your remembrance of your Mother. I was just trying to think of what we have growing that is pink… a white rose with a gorgeous pink trim.

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  5. Thanks for sharing and keeping your mother’s legacy alive. I have so much admiration for women who have gone through this arduous journey. I just made a post about my first time in OR during a mastectomy and seeing cancer for the first time. So great to be a part of the conversation and bring awareness.

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