Lion Habitat Ranch


We visited the Lion Habitat Ranch today, and had the best of times!


It’s a very well kept non profit sanctuary, in Las Vegas (NV.) Specializing in wild cats.



The Lion Habitat Ranch is also the home to wild birds, a couple tortoises, and a painting giraffe.



They taught the giraffe to paint using clicker training. It was a very cool experience watching him. My daughter was thrilled. She said she loved seeing the lions, but maybe she loved the giraffe even more. At the gift shop she picked a giraffe, that she named Cherry. She swear she’s going to order a tag, like the one we have for our dog, for Cherry, and bring her everywhere she goes. (She also picked two little animals for the two boys I’m taking care of. A lion for the oldest boy, and a giraffe for the youngest baby.)





The animal trainers seemed knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated. The giraffe gave his trainer many kisses. It was a very positive experience, from getting a great welcome at the entrance, and all the way throughout the park. Everything was very clean, well maintained, and welcoming. Everyone working there was smiling. It was just great! I can highly recommend a visit. It’s a few minutes from the strip, and easy to access, of the highway, but still in a very peaceful location. We’re definitely going back. The entrance fee is a modest $20 for locals, and $25 for non-locals. One child (under 14) per adult is free.


I hope you enjoyed the visual tour! How is your weekend treating you? It’s been a great weekend here in Vegas. The weather has finally cooled down. It feels great!


Ms Zen

12 Comments on “Lion Habitat Ranch

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  2. How beautiful, I love when visiting places like that the personalities of some of the animals can be hilarious & if they weren’t wild animals how cool would they be to hang out with. Consider yourself blessed here in Aus its way too expensive for the average family to visit our wildlife parks & zoo’s. I appreciate & love the wildlife visiting us, we are fortunate where that’s concerned. Thanks for sharing. (glad we don’t have lions visiting 🙂 )

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  3. I have been keeping my eye out on a mob (group of Kangaroos) that arrived the other day as if I can get some pics of a new joey they are hilarious to watch blast, bounce & trip all over the place, cant wait to share it.


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