Faithful Friend


I certainly wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that the past four months of my life have been very intense.

First the Carr Fire, that raged only minutes from my house in Redding (CA,) forcing us to have bags packed, and evacuation plans constantly updated for a month. There’s no words for that kind of stress, when the air is difficult to breath, even with a mask.

Then there was my sweet daughter’s wish to live with her dad and his new family.

Then there was my decision to sell my horses, and move closer to my daughter. The only alternative after saying yes to her.

Then there was adjusting to living in a city for the first time in my life. Not any little city either, but Las Vegas.

New job. New friends. New favorite places. BUT in all these changes, my faithful German Shepherd have been there, every second.

There is no words for how much it means to me to have her in my life. Her constant zest for life, joy, love, and beautiful eyes watching me wherever I am.

It’s definitely one of my greatest blessing to be able to bring her with me to work every day. I miss the horses I had to say goodbye to, like crazy, but she does make it easier.

Gretchen is four now, or thereabout. The vet estimated that she was two years old when I got her. That was two years ago. It’s been two colorful years, that’s for sure. Everyday I do feel that she rescued me, and not the other way around. Gretchen’s soul is old and wise. I feel blessed to have her in my life.  I finally feel that the pieces of the puzzle is coming together (better than I could of imagined,) and it would be wrong to not give her credit for the fact that I still have my sanity. LOL.

I hope your week is absolutely fantastic so far, and continues to be so!


Ms Zen

Weekend Coffee Share

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After the positive feedback from last weekend’s coffee share, I’m going to write the coffee share as a diary this week as well. We’re finally coming into fall. It’s been a slightly windy, cloudy, and cool weekend. Just perfect. My daughter and I had the best of times. We built a Minecraft village with LEGO. That was a fun project that we revisited, time after time during the weekend. My daughter read several books out loud. She recently learned to read, and she knows that I’m very proud of her. She also wrote me a couple letters, decorated with beautiful pictures that she drew. Our visit to Lion Habitat Ranch yesterday was so much fun. The weekend was wonderful. I drove her back to her dad yesterday, and I feel ready for the new week. Yes, I miss having her 100%, but she is so happy, and that makes me happy. Getting to know her dad does her good. I can tell that she notices things I do for her, that she used to take for granted, more now. However hard it is to not spend every day with her, I’m thankful for everything. I’m grateful for all the quality time we have spent together. I’m grateful that her life is filled with loved from two parents now. I’m also very grateful for the beautiful person she is becoming, and for being able to be a part of the bright future she has.

It’s going to be a fabulous new week. I just know it! I finished my coffee for today. Can I get you another cup?


We have beautiful fall weather. The weather is near perfect I would say. Yesterday we had a high of 77, and today it’s going to be a high of 81. When I took my dog out a few minutes ago it was 57, and a little chilly, it felt great! Makes me want to go for a road trip to a National Park, or go for a trail ride. That may have to wait to the weekend, for now, I’ll have fun with the kids in one of the city parks. I’ll take the kids at work to the park at least once a day, but usually twice a day. Gretchen loves it as well. I’m doing my best to make sure Gretchen is well exercised, since she has considerably less freedom to roam now, compared to when we had a ranch. She spends her days outside in a big backyard, with a pool. She can run, and swim, if she wants to, and she does, but I still make sure that she walks at least 5 miles a day on top of that. I track our walks during the day on my phone, and after work we walk the remaining distance (or more,) along with our obedience sets. I am very pleased with how she handles the city.  (Me, I keep on looking at horses for sale


It 7am as I’m writing this, a lot later than I usually have my morning coffee! I slept so great last night. I don’t start work until 8am, so I’m not late at all, just late for me. The coffee is wonderful, black and strong. This fall weather, and sleeping with the window open is doing me good.

I forgot to tell you yesterday morning, but I completed the reading challenge I’ve set up for myself on Goodreads Monday night, 52 books for this year. I currently don’t have a book to read, so I’m going to shop for some new ones today. Are you reading an exciting page-turner right now, that you can recommend?


Hello Thursday! While having my morning coffee today, I feel very excited about the day. It’s only one day until I get to see my daughter again. The weather is still perfect.

Last night after work I went shopping for new shoes, and found a pair that I really like. I walk a lot, and tend to wear my shoes out. I love shoes, but I prefer to only have a few that I really like, and use a lot. Looking forward to wear my new black Adidas today.

I did order five books from yesterday. Since it’s going to take a few days for them to arrive, I also got a new book from a local store, Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. The one that is in the theaters right now. It is very promising! I’ve read 85 pages so far, and it is so different, and crazy, that you can’t wait to turn the page.


The coffee is really good today, don’t you think? Can I get you a refill?

I went out on a date last night. It was date number 15 (or 16?) = I really like this guy. In fact I told one of my girl friends that he’s a keeper, after our first date. He’s very attractive, honest, smart, respectful, confident, funny, kind, intelligent, we have a lot of the same values, and I have a great time every time I see him. He genuinely cares about other people. He encourages me to go after my goals. I’ve never really had that kind of support in my life before, at any point. It makes me want to be a better person. Last night we had dinner at The Sparkling. The food was wonderful, and so was the wine. I’m not very experienced with the dating scene at all. I get asked out a lot, but I usually find a reason to say no. This however feels really good. I’m excited.

How is your week? Any exciting plans for the weekend? I’m looking forward to spend time with my daughter. I’m taking her to a pumpkin patch at some point this weekend. I took pictures of the place, while they were setting it up, that she’s seen. She is very excited about the rides! Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!
Grab a cup of coffee and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? What are your weekend plans? Is there a topic you’ve just been ruminating on that you want to talk about?



Ms Zen

Organic Eggplant


Eggplants belongs to the nightshade family Solanaceae, and is grown for its purple edible fruit. I took this photo today a year ago, in the big garden I had back then. In northern California, where I used to live, it’s time to harvest those delicious purple veggies now. I think they are among the most beautiful vegetables there is. There deep purple color is magnetic, and hypnotizing. When you’re walking through a vegetable garden, and there is eggplants somewhere there, your eyes can’t help but look at them.

Eggplants are loaded with vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. They benefit the heart, brain, skin, and bones. They can control and manage type 2 diabetes and improve digestion as well.

A happy eggplant photo for your beautiful Thursday!


Ms Zen