Autumnal Equinox

Fall 3

Last Saturday was the official start of fall. I love fall. I love the cooler temperatures, the colors, the promise of winter, bonfires, and just about everything about it. Here in Las Vegas fall has not arrived yet. Yesterday we had temperatures in the upper 90’s, and I spent time in the pool, like I’ve done most days lately. It does looks like we have cooler temperatures ahead of us, that makes me very excited!!


Since I haven’t seen any fall colors yet, I’m choosing to share some fall photos from previous years. The first photo is taken at the 80 acres ranch I leased when my daughter wasย  baby. That’s my favorite horse Trigger, with a rescue alpaca. That alpaca was the youngest of the four I adopted, and he was constantly picked on by the others. Trigger adopted that alpaca, and defended him viciously.

The second photo is from last fall, and a road trip I took with my daughter, and my dog. We stayed at Harrah’s in Reno for a couple days. (A great hotel to stay at if you’re traveling with a dog. I’ve stayed there probably 20 times…or more.)The photo is taken close to the hotel. It was a wonderful road trip, we did some shorter hikes in Tahoe National Forest, around Bocca Reservoir (Truckee,) and at the Virginia Range outside Reno.

Fall 2

The last photo is from one of the hikes at the Virginia Range. The reason I like to go there a few times a year, is to see some beautiful mustangs. The mustangs there have amazing colors, and markings. I’ve enjoyed watching them play on that range for the past 6 years. Lots of fun!

How is your fall? Are you surrounded by amazing fall colors? I hope it is everything you wish for!


Ms Zen

Published by Sagittarius Viking

Itโ€™s all about experiences, and the healing power of nature. Life is about choosing happiness. I entered the magic world of photography when I was five years old. My gypsy soul have taken me to many different countries, and definitely taught me to be more humble. I believe that you are what you eat, body and soul. I enjoy growing my own food, and spending time outdoors. A Sagittarius loves to travel, have an open mind and, and a philosophical view. It motivates them to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life. Sagittarius is extrovert, optimistic and enthusiastic, and likes changes. A lot of that perfectly describes me. The fact that my ancestors, on both parents sides, were vikings, doesnโ€™t exactly lessen my desire to explore. Maybe a slightly more mindful exploring, compared to the average viking. My blog, and my art prints is a results of my (inner and outer) explorations. Love, Maria

22 thoughts on “Autumnal Equinox

  1. I love fall! So far not much color in New Hampshire. There are some yellow leaves, but a lot of green. It was actually in the 80s here on Wednesday! Strange weather. Hoping for some real fall weather coming up.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

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  2. I love fall, even though it’s mild here where I live you can still feel the change in the air, cooler nights and although not tons of color change but it’s there when you look. Still recovering from a bad chest cold, taking meds and vitamins! Oh and lots of rest! โค๏ธ Love your photos!!

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  3. My spouse just spent a week in Truckee with my son. The weather looked perfect with those endless blue skies. Here it continues to rain nearly every other day, so much rain that everything is saturated (squish, squish!) and I can’t even mow the lawn. The whole East Coast is wet and the West is dry. Too bad we can’t even that out. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a great weekend!

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  4. The colours aren’t quite here yet, but they’re coming! Read today that conker enthusiasts may have to import confers from abroad, ours are in a bad way due to that heatwave. Who’d a thought it?!

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