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After my unusual (for me,) coffee share last weekend, I just wanted to put everyone at ease. Some relaxing time have done wonders, and I feel like myself again. My daughter and I spent most of the weekend in the pool, or next to it.

My dog Gretchen and I, have continued in the same relaxed way. After work every day we’ve been by the pool. I’ve almost finished a great western novel; Stand Proud.

I’ve ordered a few new books, to read these coming weeks. I’m excited about the weather getting a little cooler (still in the mid 90’s….) The weather even calls for two days of rain next week! I can’t remember when I experienced rain the last time, it must of been this spring, March maybe?

I hope YOU are having an awesome week! Is it fall where you are?



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14 Comments on “Feel Good Wednesday

  1. She’s a beautiful dog! I’ll be glad for the rain, wish we could get the rain like back east as it may help Lake Mead to fill up a bit. I’m glad your feeling better! 🌴🌵🌞

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  2. She’s so beautiful! Great photo, sometimes we just a restful weekend to recharge. I’m battling a bit of a head cold that has settled in my chest, trying to rest this week with work and my horses. I’m taking it easy and try and get lots of sleep! 😀😷❤️ Diana

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  3. Glad you are feeling better and are taking it easy. I expect you are looking forward to the cooler temps of fall. We had three nights that went into the low 40s, so a few fires were lit in the stove to warm things up. Today was very humid and though warmer, thundershowers will pass through bringing a new cold front. The leaves are just starting to turn, mostly birches and red maples. Foliage is due to peak in two weeks. Hard to believe the time has flown so fast.

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  4. I had a stable rest of the week (It is Sunday night). Yesterday was an intense day of service. People SAY they appreciated what I did, but their behaviour on the ground told a different tale. Today would have been my late wife’s 64th birthday. I laid low. Hope your weekend was sweet.

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