Carr Fire – Update Tuesday

I wanted to start with telling you that we got our water back quickly yesterday. It was a computer error, on our pump system.  The pump guys fixed it within minutes after arrival. They said that our well is very deep, and that we have so much water that the well could not run dry. That is a relief. I would never waste water in a drought, of course, but still. 

CalFire (in charge for the firefighting efforts in our state,) said yesterday that they will report the containment progress of the Carr Fire twice a day, 7am, and 7pm. Since it’s only 5.30am now, I’ll share their 7pm report from last night.

Size: 103,772 acres 

Containment: 23% 

Expected Full Containment: Unknown 

Firefighter Injuries/Fatalities: 2 


Structures Threatened: 


Residential Structures Destroyed: 818 

Commercial Structures Destroyed: 3 

Other Destroyed: 311 

Residential Structures Damaged: 167 

Commercial Structures Damaged: 5 

Other Damaged: 37 

Situation Summary:  Northern portions of the fire remained active throughout the day. Firefighters continued to construct containment lines and contingency lines. Winds will increase late tonight and into tomorrow morning. Hot and dry weather, previously unburned fuels, and steep terrain will contribute to fire growth. Crews will work to mitigate spot fire potential across control lines. Evacuation orders have been lifted for Douglas City, and portions of Happy Valley, Shasta Lake City, and Redding. 

The containment line towards our side of town are strong, and growing. The fuel have burned out on this side, and the fire is moving away. People are exhausted, and in shock. Some people who was allowed to return home yesterday did not have a home to return to. It feel almost wrong to be as lucky as we’ve been so far. On of the first night’s of the fire we housed an evacuee in our house. He told me that it was OK to feel happy and grateful to be spared from the worst terror. I’m not really sure why he told me that, but I’ve been thinking about it afterwards. I am grateful, very grateful, but devastated for for those who lost their loved ones, and everyone that lost their home. There is still a lot of people missing, separated from their loved ones. In the midst of this there is an incredible community spirit, and goodness in people showing. People are on their own initiative collecting food, clothes, and hygiene articles among friends, that they themselves distribute to evacuated people that you can see everywhere around town. That is heart warming to see!

My daughter is still out of state with her dad. I got to talk to her for an hour yesterday, and that was the highlight of my day. My other girl, my dog, is feeling a little bit more like herself. I drove to Red Bluff, a nearby town to get some supplies yesterday, and got her a big bone. That lifted her spirits. I’m going back to work today. I better get ready. Just a short update to let you know what’s going on, and for my friends to know that I’m still here. In good spirit. Ready to go if need be.


Ms Zen

22 Comments on “Carr Fire – Update Tuesday

    • Thank you, yes I believe that’s quiet accurate. It does feel easier to breathe (making it possible to actually think..,) and safer to be further away form the most raging fire. 🙂

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  1. He perhaps told you it was OK to be happy because he sensed how you bad you were feeling for those who are being affected more seriously. Keep safe and thanks for the update.

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    • Thank you ❤ Funny how something so simple as that can change a spirit so completely. She started to come around yesterday, and have been her happy self all day today. Just seeing that makes me happy! 🙂 I hope you had a great day my friend.


  2. Maybe it is down to luck who loses to the fire and who misses out. But it’s a testament to you (all) how you respond to it. Glad you was there for him.

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    • Many evacuees got to go home today. More than yesterday. I can only imagine how that feels. First the mixed feelings of not knowing, and then either disaster, or overwhelming joy. Thank you Andy

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  3. Awe, your girl looks much happier. So happy you and all you LOVE is safe! I know you’re very grateful and look how your helping those in need. I know the fruits (or veggies) of your labor will end up with those who need too I bet. I hope they get these darn fires under control. Bless all who’s lost lives, bless all who have lost homes. ❤️❤️❤️

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    • ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you my friend. Your warm thoughts, and kindness means a lot. I hope you are safe, and that there's no fires too close to your home. It feels like the whole state is burning right now.

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  4. We are safe, no fires near us at this time thankfully. The one in Riverside is about an hour’s drive away and is getting contained. Let’s sleep well and pray for rain! ❤️ Hugs

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