Weekend Coffee Share; State Of Emergency

Friday 5am

While handing you your cup of the black magical brew, I need to start by telling you that I am safe. You are lucky it is a virtual cup of coffee we are sharing. My county is in a State Of Emergency, caused by a fire that went out of hand yesterday. Last night close to 30 000 acres were burning. The fire started near Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, that I hike, and swim in often. It’s a 20-25 min drive from my house. There’s no new updates about acreage on fire, but there’s new mandatory evacuation orders every few hours. We have an excessive heat warning today, as we usually have this time of the year, with temperatures over 110F to be expected. Yesterday I had to go into town to get some supplies. I live on the (currently) safe side of town. I took the safe roads into town, and this was before part of town was closed to the public. The temperatures then showed 114 yesterday afternoon, with ash raining from the sky, you could not see the sky for all the smoke. I visited two stores in town, and people were scared. Talking to strangers about their fears. The cashier in one of the stores I frequent often started to cry, and said that she was worried sick for her son, that was with her mother while she was working. Her part of the town was safe then, but is now evacuated. It is highly unlikely that the fire will threaten us. It would have to burn many billions $$$$ in structures, and the whole town before reaching us. It’s moving fast, but in the other direction. I feel relatively safe. My daughter is still out of state with her dad, and for the first time ever I feel relieved that she is. I follow the fire closely on social media. It seems like the fastest way to get information. When CHP (California Highway Patrol,) posted that the fire was out of control last night, I packed a bag. To be on the safe side. Like I said, I feel rather safe for now. I pray for the families directly affected by the fire. 

a2 (1)

Ash on the plants in the garden this morning.

ashes (1)

It’s been burning for a few days, and the smoke have been bad. I’ve spent more time inside than usual. Only doing minimal work outside. I need to go to work here shortly, it’s also on the safe side of town, only five minutes from my house. The lady whose horses I take care of in the morning, have been on vacation, but came back yesterday. That’s a relief, in case the ranch would need to be evacuated (not likely at all that would happen, but still.) She has several horses. My animals doesn’t seem bothered by the ongoing craziness at the moment. I’d say that my dog is a little more aware than usual. She is intelligent (German Shepherd,) she knows something is going on. The horses are happily munching their hay in their little oasis. I’m going to get ready for work. I’m bringing my camera, to see if I can get some pictures, at least showing you the smoke. Yesterday’s sunrise was magical. It often is when the sky is filled with smoke. (I wish I’d rather didn’t know that, but living in northern California, that’s unfortunately something you know.) I did not have my camera with me.

Friday 10.30

Back from work, and finished my own chores at home. I did not see any fire in the sky while driving to/from work this morning (sorry – not sorry – for not delivering amazing photos of that.) I am thankful that the fire is moving in the opposite direction. There was ashes raining from the sky, on the ground, on the horses, and on the plants in my garden this morning. The fire was last updated three hours ago, and then it was at  44,450 acres and 3% contained. They have evacuated a big portion of West Redding, and Shasta Lake City. There’s horrible photos from our town circulating on Facebook, of houses burning. We are still in a safe area. I only did the least amount of work that I needed to do outside today, but I feel that my airways are affected by the smoke. My dog Gretchen usually keep predators away from our property (among others there’s mountain lions here,) she has access to part of the house, but now I’ve decided to keep her inside with me. I don’t want her to breath all that smoke. I gave her a bath, and she’s very content hanging out with me in the house. We’re usually hanging out together outside most of the day. I don’t think she minds at all being inside the air-conditioned house. LOL. I’m keeping a close eyes on the fire updates. It’s a weird day. There’s three fatalities known so far. 

h (1)

Today’s Harvest

The garden have been generous with its bounty this week, despite the unusual little time I’ve spent there. All the mulching I’ve done earlier really pays off now. It doesn’t dry out super fast, there’s a deep moist layer of mulch protecting the plants. I’m thinking of doing some preserves, and canning today. If I can calm my mind enough to do something. I have lots of cucumber in my fridge from the past few days. I was thinking of making some pickles the way my grandma used to do it. Maybe I should pickle some of the yellow squash as well? I have never done that, but I believe it would be rather yummy. I think I’m going to try. I have lots of them in my fridge as well. 

swp (1)

I have been enjoying our new salt water pool this week. It has too much ash in it now, and need to be cleaned. Besides that, it has been wonderful to have it during these hot days. I’m so grateful.

g (1)

Gretchen and I, are going to enjoy a (hopefully) calm day at home (I’m praying for that.) I can think of a few things to entertain ourselves with, including several unread books in my bookshelf. ❤ 

I certainly hope your week haven’t put you in a state of emergency! Feel free to grab another cup of coffee, while you’re telling me about your fabulous week. If you like to read more about the horrible fire, here is the most recent article from CBS Sacramento, they also have a video on their homepage.


Ms Zen


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26 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; State Of Emergency

  1. It’s good to read that you are safe.. and my heart and prayers go out to all affected by the fires.. We are battling wasps. A neighbor has a nest attached to his house and we have two beehives. So we need to keep them safe. We have put out wasp catchers and they are doing their job.

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      1. It sounds like the fire is intent to devour all in it’s path.. God help and protect the responders, people, and animals. My husband offered to help our neighbor with the nest.. He declined..I will take a look at your post.. Are you ready to move with your animals should they say so? Be safe..

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh! I hate all the fires that hit this beautiful state. There is a fire raging in Riverside County not far from where I live, but it is far enough away to where we are totally safe. The air quality is not that great and thankful we are not getting any ash. How scary, it seems so close to where you are with all the ash. Stay safe, I’m so glad you and your animals are doing good. I love your salt water pool, how great it is to be able to cool off in the summer heat. I hope you will be able to use it again soon once you can clean out all the ash. ❤ Your dog is so beautiful!

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  3. The fire sounds scary. There are some good things about the east coast 😉 And it isn’t just the fires out your way – days of over 110 degree weather.. no thank you! Stay safe! Hoping they can control the fires soon!

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  4. Gosh, I’m just now reading this – what a scare you had! So glad the fire is running the other way. Given the alternative, I suppose ash and a bit of smoke is better than fire. My son lives in Truckee and he often has both in summer. If you were evacuated, would you have to leave the animals? That would be heart wrenching. 😦 A worry no one needs!
    Your garden is keeping you busy, I see. Did you make pickles? Do you ever make relish? I love sweet pepper relish – delicious with cheese and crackers. Hope the week ahead is better and cooler!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, the fire is still out of control, and the wind is about to pick up within an hour they say. It’s scary. Still going the other direction though. I don’t think I would have to evacuate. People are moving their big livestock to our area. They can handle the smoke. The smoke would be my only reason to evacuate, I have some old scars on my lungs, and I am sensitive to smoke. The fire is not a treat right here, right now. The horses have a good setup, in a “safe” area, with access to shelter, food, and water. They will be fine. I did not have the peace, or strength to make pickles. We opened our home to someone who had to evacuate their home. No-one have been sleeping much the past three days/nights.


  5. I so appreciate your update.
    Here in Sonoma county we’re getting frequent updates to your fire and I was thinking about you and other friends when the first reports came through.
    Stay safe my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. It is scary. I’ve been trying to write short daily updates, and I’m going to keep doing that, (if I can.) I know some of my friends, and family are worried. For the moment I feel relatively safe. However things are happening fast with a fire this size, and the increasing winds we’re experiencing. I hope you’re having a more peaceful week and weekend.


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