This horse, my young half Arabian Ghost, is the greatest challenge that I’ve met so far in my life. So full of love and emotions of all kind. Extremely sensitive and smart.

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He is related to Abu Farwa (a famous endurance horse,) on his Dam’s side. He is athletic and very fast. I did not know of his relation with this famous endurance horse when I got him. I just had a feeling when we met, that this horse is somehow related to my future.

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A friend is a second self, so that our consciousness of a friend’s existence…makes us more fully conscious of our own existence. ― Aristotle

This guy’s inner and outer beauty inspires me to be better, and try harder every day. There’s truly no better teacher in mindfulness than the horse.

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I did notice that this horse had something, but how complex and beautiful he truly is, I could not see that first day. He have challenged me to question many things about myself, and my horsemanship. What the future has in store? I wouldn’t know. I do know that this guy have changed mine. Thank you for visiting with us today.


Ms Zen


  1. Ghost is so beautiful…no, spectacular! I love horses and think back to the time I had my Cookie (appaloosa mare) when I was a kid living in Oregon. Horses are long-lived so the friendship just deepens over time. My step mom has two horses, both pushing 30 (up in Foresthill area) and she loves them dearly. Did you see that we have another Triple Crown winner? I usually follow the races but forgot this year!

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    • Thank YOU 🙂 I might be a little partial here, but I absolutely agree. I think it’s a beautiful thing that horses are capable of having deep relationships with us humans. Older horses well cared for, are a pleasure to be around. I recently started to help out with some horses down the road from me, and some of them are older. I really enjoy my time with them. I hope your week got off to great start!

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  2. drool drool drool drool, he is gorgeous, take him for a ride one moonlite night when you are both ready & watch his mane & speckles glow in the dark..
    I used to take my Danny out at night part arab, same narrow chest. but he has brown speckles, but everything glowed in the moonlight, & do any sport, taught my kids to ride, we truly do become their herd. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Thank you! I love sharing him with you 🙂 I can’t wait for that moonlight ride 🙂 There’s an endurance ride on my bucket list, that I’m hoping that Ghost and I are going to do one day. It’s 100 miles over the mountains. You start at 4.15am, and have at the most 24 hours to finish = riding at night. It takes place at the harvest moon end of July, beginning of Aug every year.


  3. Oh my goodness he is gorgeous! Your photography catching him in such beautiful stances are incredible!



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