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This was my daughter and I, five years ago, on the day. The photo popped up in my Facebook feed. It made me smile. I could say that it was one of my daughter’s first rides, but that wouldn’t be true. She is ten months old in the photo. I rode my favorite horse (the one in the photo above,) until I was seven months pregnant with her, and then I waited two months (doctor’s order,) after she was born, until I started riding again. This time with her in a baby carrier in front of me.

“Det ska böjas i tid som krokigt ska bli.” – A Swedish proverb meaning that it’s a good thing to start early with important activities. Freely translated.

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I thought it was a fun idea to take a photo today, exactly five years after that first photo was taken. So this is my daughter, and Fancy earlier today.

I’ve never been working with horses professionally, by choice. It’s my passion. It kept me sane through all the crisis, and happy highs throughout my life. I worked hard for the privilege to have my own horse. I don’t take it for granted. For my daughter it’s a part of her life. She loves them as much as I do, and she is very interested in every aspect of life with horses. I’ve always found it to be interesting to learn about how horses communicate with each other. I can watch horses being horses for hours, without getting bored. Especially wild ones. My daughter is exactly the same. I feel very blessed that we share this passion.

I hope that your weekend is nothing short of wonderful ❤ I made an extra effort to have a relaxing day today. I needed it. This is part of the Sunday Stills Photography Challenge.



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14 Comments on “Sunday Stills – For The Love Of Horses

  1. Aw, so amazing to look back at our children’s growth! Makes me miss my horses from when I was a kid in Oregon! My step-mom has two older horses which I’ve ridden, but it’s been a while. Perfect submission for #SundayStills!

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  2. I don’t have Facebook but my photos app reminds me of photos from a certain date. What a great feature!


    • It is a great to get reminded about those special moments 🙂 I love how photos can stop time any time you want.


  3. I LOVE your photos, such pretty ladies! Time just goes too fast, babies grow so fast…. What a great post that can be saved and cherised forever! ❤


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