Weekly Photo Challenge; Liquid

Lake Siskiyou (1)

This is Lake Siskiyou, a reservoir, formed by Box Canyon Dam on the Sacramento River, in northern California. It’s a popular hangout place for locals, and feature a well maintained campground for tourists, there’s a beautiful hiking trail around the lake. The hiking trail is my favorite. I love spending time here, and do it as often as I can. The photo is from last weekend. I thought it was the perfect entry to the weekly photo challenge. 

For this week’s challenge, share a photo of liquid in whatever state, shape, or color you happen to capture it in. You can go as big as the ocean or as small as a teardrop, as clear as vodka or as opaque as milk. Let’s raise a glass to your photos — I can’t wait to dive in.



Ms Zen




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  2. I love Lake Siskiyou and all of this area. We camped here many years ago. Weird, I thought I liked and commented on this with my tablet earlier! I need to get some photos of the headwaters that feeds the Sacramento River (where I ultimately windsurf), now that would be a full circle “liquid” theme 🙂

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