Red Bluff Round-Up Parade 2018, part 2

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This is the second post from Red Bluff Round-Up, last weekend. It is the largest three day rodeo in the country. These participants were part of the parade, in downtown Red Bluff, Saturday morning.


When you take pictures of rodeos, and things connected to rodeos, you always get hate emails, and comments, about animal cruelty. That’s OK, everyone has the right to an opinion. Anyone who knows me, know that I care very much for how animals are treated. I think it is worth lifting positive aspects, besides the pleasure of watching beautiful animals, and the festive atmosphere. The young lady in the photo above had some challenges with her horse, just before I took this photo. They actually went down. She handled the situation like a master horsewoman, calm, and supportive of her horse. I posted a public album on Facebook with my photos from the parade, for the participants, and their families to enjoy. I did not share that story, but she saw this photo, and started a conversation with me. I was already impressed by how she handled the situation, but when she talked about her horse Sam, it was obvious that she loves him very much, and that she knows a lot about horses. It made me very happy to see the inside beauty of this beautiful equipage. BTW, it is both of their birthday today!


If you see yourself, or someone you know, in any of these photos, feel free to share this post. Share buttons after the post. If you’re in one of the photos, and would like a free digital copy, let me know in a comment, and I’ll send one to you.


Look at that smile!

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The rodeo posts are a little longer than my usual posts, there’s so much fun to share!

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These Andalusian Horses are absolutely gorgeous. Always a favorite in the parade. They look so proud of themselves as they dance their way down Main Street.

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The weather on Saturday was just perfect for the parade, it was sunny and in the 80’s. A beautiful day.


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This was the last photo of the beautiful Andalusian Horses, and a natural end to this post. I have photos for one more post of the parade, that I’m going to share later today. I hope the sun is shining where you are 🙂


Ms Zen

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    • Yes, most of the people around Red Bluff are ranchers, cowgirls and cowboys. People drive big trucks and shoot guns. Just like they always have in the West. Simple, honest, people. Very few have more than high school education. I read a few years back, that it was only 4% that had more education than high school.

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