Red Bluff Round-Up Parade 2018, part 1

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The Red Bluff Round-Up, is the largest three day rodeo in the country, and a big annual party that I don’t like to miss. It’s by far my favorite rodeo. (Reno, and Las Vegas sharing a prestigious second place.)

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I love watching the beautiful horses, of all sizes, breeds, and colors.

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If you see yourself, or someone you know, feel free to share this post. Share buttons after the post. If you’re in one of the photos, and would like a free digital copy, let me know in a comment, and I’ll send one to you.


Look at all those beautiful colors!

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It’s a big happening for the kids in the area. Many of the grow up participating in the parade and/or rodeo every year.

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This horse looks so much like a horse I used to own! It’s probably not the same horse, but I did start to working on getting him used to a harness, and pulling things behind him. Maybe it’s a relative. I did get my horse only miles from where the parade took place.

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There is going to be a lot of photos, in this longer than usual post. So many talented kids, and happy people.

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That was the last of the beautiful old tractors. (Yes, I have a thing for old tractors. I think they are pretty cool.) I have 36 more photos form the parade to share with you. I’m going to divide them up, into two more posts. I hope you enjoyed these. To be continued..



Ms Zen


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12 Comments on “Red Bluff Round-Up Parade 2018, part 1

  1. This looks fantastic. I think we need to put it on the calendar for next year. Beautiful photos, hope there is a Parade site where you could share these photos. I think the participants would love to see them.

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  2. So many beautiful horses, looking perfectly groomed! I love parades and always get a kick out of the tractors. It’s a vanishing rural tradition here, not as common as it used to be.

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    • I love it too! All the happy people, it’s like the whole town is coming together. My daughter have gotten gifts from people we don’t know on several occasions. Everyone is just so happy. We sat next to a super nice, older couple at the rodeo today. The likelihood that we’d met a couple in their mid 70’s and felt that we had something in common with them under other circumstances..I don’t know. Now we had such a nice conversation about horses. It felt like we were the same age.

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