My Organic Garden – Seedlings Day 6

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6 days ago I started a variety of vegetable seeds indoor, under a grow light. I like to start them indoors for an even start. In our climate, (zone 9b,) you can actually start your seeds successfully planting them directly into the ground, in mid April. I will start some of my seeds that way, but cherry tomatoes (in the picture,) squash, and eggplants, I prefer to start indoors, to get an earlier harvest.

I plant 2 seeds in each cell, to optimize my chance of getting a plant in every cell. In some cases, both seeds are fertile, and I have two small seedlings competing about the same small space. That is not a successful way to grow them. When they start to come up, after a few days, I gently pull one of the seedlings out, if there’s two in the same cell.


This morning, after watering my seedlings, I pulled these double ones out.


Throughout the year I save small containers, just for the purpose of planting these. It’s important to keep the soil moist, but not wet. To make this easier I make small wholes on the bottom of the containers, and place them on a tray, to collect the excess water.

My 5year old daughter is very involved in the process of growing our food. She loves it. One of her jobs is to fill the containers with soil, when we plant seedlings. She takes it very seriously. Another of her standing chores is to make sure that all the young plants have enough water. That can be challenging in our (hot) climate, and especially when we move them outdoors I help her with this. It is however her chore, and she takes great pride in doing it well.

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One of the cherry tomato seedlings she planted today. Crazy to believe that this baby plant is likely to be 5-6 ft tall in a couple months, giving us hundreds of sweet cherry tomatoes. That is a true miracle! I am equally amazed every year 🙂


Just wanted to give you a short update from our budding garden. I’m about to go outside and work on some fencing at our new place. Hard, but rewarding work. I’ll try to take some pictures of the area I selected for my garden, to share with you, while I’m there. Right now it’s covered with weeds, and tall grass. I have lots of work ahead of me the next coming weeks. I better get started!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Ms Zen

6 Comments on “My Organic Garden – Seedlings Day 6

  1. Your seedling garden looks beautiful. I want to try some cherry tomatoes, too, this summer. Hopefully they can grow in the containers on the balcony.

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    • Thank you! Cherry tomatoes are super easy to grow in containers. Last year I used big pots made of fabric for my cherry tomatoes. I knew I was going to move at least once during the summer, so it made sense. They did really good. It’s easier to grow cherry tomatoes in containers, than other varieties. Best of luck!


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