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I hope you Easter weekend was filled with peace, love, joy, and gratitude. Hopefully you got to spend it with the special people that means the most in your life.

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I decided to have our Easter Egg Hunt indoors this year, and then spend the afternoon hiking. My daughter is not spoiled with material things. We live a rather minimalistic lifestyle. It was pure joy to hear her laughter, and see her surprised face, when she opened some eggs that had little toys in them, instead of candy. She did not expect that.

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She just couldn’t believe her eyes. She believes that the Easter Bunny is the one who brings the eggs. Naturally we had to write him thank you notes. We wrote them on balloons.

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She decided to bring two of her new toy animals on the hike later. She danced her way all the way up to Whiskeytown Falls. The trail is about 3miles out, and back. The way up to the falls is pretty steep on some places. The difficulty of the hike is rated as a moderate. We’ve done the hike many times before, it is a very beautiful hike.  This is just one of the four waterfalls in Whiskeytown National Recreational Area. Crystal Creek Falls, that I visited last in February this year, is close by.

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Picnic next to the falls. I usually try to time this hike when I know there won’t be so many other people on the trail. Yesterday there was a lot of people. Still beautiful though.

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My German Shepherd Gretchen was a little frustrated that she didn’t get to have any off leash time. I did walk next to the water, so that she could get in, she is crazy about swimming. She wasn’t quiet content with that. Dogs are allowed on this trail, but only on leash. Along with all the people we met, there was lots of dogs on the trail.

The hike back is mostly downhill, and it feels like a breeze after hiking up to the falls. My daughter initiated counting different things. Things we saw in nature, like lizards, and plants, and also things she were grateful for. Laughters and smiles dominated the weekend, something I am very grateful for.

Have a wonderful new week!



Ms Zen

12 Comments on “Easter

  1. Sounds like a lovely holiday. Easter Bunny AND a hike to a beautiful spot. Is Gretchen good with other dogs? There is a shepherd up the road who is fine with people, but attacks dogs. Not fun to meet her off leash. 😦

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    • It was a lovely weekend 🙂 Gretchen never initiate aggressive behavior, but when attacked she doesn’t back down, unless I’m there, and tell her to. (You’d be surprised how many times that happens..dogs on, or off leash jumping up and biting her. In my experience that it is a common problem that smaller, insecure dogs attack your dog, when you have a bigger dog.) Gretchen is a sweetheart, and extremely obedient. I work with her twice a day on her obedience, every day. When there’s a chance to meet people, or dogs, I have her on leash, healing next to me. Not because she is a treat, but because I know lots of people are afraid of German Shepherds. Gretchen plays well with other dogs, when allowed.


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