I’d Rather Be…

..planting my spring garden right now. Since that isn’t possible yet, I’m quiet happy where I am. I love my life. My daughter and I invented a new bread; Flaxseed & Prune Ciabatta, during math lesson this morning. We both agree that it was unexpectedly delicious. So juicy and soft! Will definitely try that combination again.




I do admit that I have a weakness for homemade bread, fresh from the oven. Since I live far away from where I grew up, and spent my first 30 years, many of my friends now don’t even know that I used to be a baker, before deciding that teaching was my call. I still enjoy it tremendously. The touch, the feel, the smell, and the taste 🙂

So tell me, what would you rather be doing right now?

Whatever you are doing today, I wish you a wonderful, happy day, filled with joy.


Ms Zen

17 Comments on “I’d Rather Be…

  1. Yes I am going to have to make some more bread right now. There’s enough of the previous loaf for lunch for me but not enough for the morning. Right now I am alternating between Wholewheat and Multigrain – maybe today I try half and half!

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  3. Today, with all this snow we’ve been having, I would love a day on a warm, sunny beach, listening to the rise and fall of waves. Sigh.
    Your bread looks delicious!

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  5. LOL, love the comment about rather be at YOUR house smelling and tasting the bread!! Not much of a baker but every year my Mom would bake bread for Holy Thurdays and it was an amazing treat I still remember.

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