A Face in the Crowd 2 – McCloud River

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Yesterday we took a hike along McCloud River, just outside McCloud (CA.) This is a well maintained hike, of an amazing waterway. It’s often challenging to photograph the river, and the three waterfalls along the trail, without accidentally catching a A Face in the Crowd (this week’s photo challenge. Here’s my first entry to the challenge.)


We did see around 20 people, during the 3-4 hours we spent along the river yesterday, not too bad, for this kind of place.


My daughter suggested that we built a house next to the lower waterfall! Why not? LOL.


As always when there’s water included, Gretchen, my dog, had a blast!


We had hoped for lots of snow, but there was only some patches here and there. The temperature was comfortable, in the upper 30s, and the sun felt warm on our cheeks.

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We started at the lower fall, and hiked out, and back, viewing all three falls. It’s not a very long hike, 3.8 miles all together. It’s perfect for a Sunday stroll with a 5 year old. We stopped many times looking at rocks along the river, crashing some ice, throwing sticks to our dog, comparing different kinds of moss on the trees, and we climbed some bigger boulders on the side of Middle Fall (where we had our picnic lunch.)

The perfect picnic spot!

We had a fantastic day. I love combining; fresh air, exercise, play, education, exploring, photography, quality family time, and meditation in one outing. That’s the kind of multitasking I like!
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To the right, from where we had our lunch, the pine trees covered the river, making part of it in full shade. The shady patches, like the one on the photo above was really cold.

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This is also Middle Fall, seen from above, further up the trail. We had our lunch on the boulders, in the center, of the bottom of the photo. If you look closely, you can see some people trying to get to that spot. I love how the trail follows the river. It’s a peaceful hike. I believe I’ve done it in all seasons now. They are all wonderful in this magical place.

mf6l (1)

This is the Upper Fall, the last one on our trail. We started at the Lower Fall, walked up to Middle Fall, and saw the Upper Fall last. Then we turned around, and walked the same trail back. You can park at any of the falls, and connect to the trail there. You don’t have to do it in a specific order. There’s plenty of parking spots, and clean restrooms at every trail head. This is a hike, or outing for everyone that enjoys beautiful nature. You don’t have to hike if you’re unable to, you can choose to drive to each trailhead and just enjoy the waterfalls.

The easiest way to get there is by taking 1-5 towards McCloud (CA,) and then take Highway 89 for 15 miles, east of the I-5/89 junction, and 5 miles east of McCloud and turn south on Road 40N44. Look for a Fowlers Camp/McCloud Falls sign. It’s easy to find. If you have access to a smartphone, google maps will take you right there.

If you want to stay longer, there’s simple campgrounds next to the falls, but I can highly recommend the RV Park in McCloud, if you’re an RV;er looking for a cool place to spend some time. McCloud also have several B&B with good reputation, but I haven’t personally tried any of them. McCloud is an old logging town, with many beautiful houses, and interesting things to see. There’s an abundance of hiking trail, and Mt Shasta is close by.

I actually shared a post about McCloud Falls in June last year, when this blog was a newborn. Have you seen McCloud River Falls? If so, tell me about your experience! I would love to hear about it!

I hope that your week got off to an awesome start 🙂


Ms Zen

17 Comments on “A Face in the Crowd 2 – McCloud River

  1. Gorgeous falls, and I love the aqua blue of the pools. How does Gretchen stand the icy, cold water? Brrr!
    Looks like my kind of place – I love waterfalls. Do you swim in summer?

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    • Thank you my friend! I think it’s Gretchen’s thick undercoat that makes her comfortable in any kind of weather. Gretchen truly does have an amazing coat. She was in a not so good condition when I got her, a little more than a year ago. She was a rescue, taken by animal control. Her coat was dull, and itchy. I only give her all natural, high quality dog food, but I also put generous amounts of organic coconut oil on top. Thanks to my knowledgeable dog trainers advice. I believe the coconut oil helps a lot, to make her skin and coat in good condition. Her thick coat dries super fast, in minutes.
      McCloud Falls are beautiful, and yes there’s plenty of great swimming holes nearby. I love swimming in lakes and rivers. Do you enjoy swimming?


      • I only swim when it is above 80 degrees, which thankfully, doesn’t happen much here. A dip in our river usually sufficiently cools me, but it’s not deep enough to swim. I’ve never been a strong swimmer anyway. 😉

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        • I hear you. I prefer 80 nowadays too. As a kid we lived next to one of the biggest rivers in Sweden. In the summer time it never got really warm, hardly more than just above not freezing. Lol. We went swimming most days from April-August anyways. I’m a strong swimmer. I like swimming.

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    • Thank you! It really was a great day. I love how a change of scenery, this is not that far away from where we live, but still, l it can take away every day worries and make them into nothing.

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