Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

m1a (1)

The first shot of the Super Blue Blood Moon, taken at 5am this morning, standing at the Sundial Bridge, Redding (CA.)

m3 (1)

At 6am the first signs of the eclipse was visible to the eye.

m4 (1)

Just before 7am, a little higher up, at The Bluffs, Redding (CA.)

Do you know why this beautiful moon is called a blue moon? I didn’t know, so I had to read about it. It’s because it’s the second full moon in the same month (January.) It’s more logical to understand why it’s called a blood moon, it was really red this morning. Even more than my photos shows. Night photography have never been my strength, I haven’t done much of it, but this was a special occasion. The experience made it worth getting out early. What did the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse look like where you live? Did you get to see it?

I hope you enjoyed the view from up here in northern California ❤ May the rest of your day be as beautiful as this morning.



Ms Zen


Part of the weekly photo challenge; Variations on a theme.

32 Comments on “Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

      • I bet it was stunning. Even though I am surrounded by mountains and trees here, there is this one little wide open park close to my home where you can watch Moon Rise all year round. I just have a point and shoot camera, I’ve had so much fun photographing that rise…

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        • Thank you, it was. That is wonderful that you have your own spot to watch the moon rise. Those special places means so much. I worked at a ranch in the desert of Nevada a few years back. My favorite time of the day was watching the moon rise, as I fed the horses. The moon look huge out in the desert, with few other landmarks.

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  1. An experience well worth rising early to see – nice shots! Being on the East Coast, we only had the larger moon to view. I saw both the rising and the setting moon (I usually tend the fire between 5 and 6 am).

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