Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

The first shot of the Super Blue Blood Moon, taken at 5am this morning, standing at the Sundial Bridge, Redding (CA.) At 6am the first signs of the eclipse was visible to the eye. Just before 7am, a little higher up, at The Bluffs, Redding (CA.) Do you know why this beautiful moon is called aContinue reading “Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse”

Road Trip To The Lost Coast

This morning I finally finished editing the last photos from my Birthday Road Trip to the Lost Coast, last month! Seeing these signs always freaks me out a little bit. I guess that’s the point, sort of, to be aware of where you are, and the potential danger. I could never live in an area thatContinue reading “Road Trip To The Lost Coast”

If We Were Having Coffee Together

If we were having coffee together right now, at 6 am, my hair would be wet. I just came back from a long walk with my German Shepherd Gretchen. Every morning I take her for a long walk, (and after she’s done her business) I walk her through the obedience/personal protection exercises my trainer patientlyContinue reading “If We Were Having Coffee Together”