2017 Favorites; Ghost

I sincerely thought that my last post was going to be the one ending 2017. It turned out I was wrong. With only three days left of the year (yesterday,) I found a special horse. Like in the kind of special I’ve been wanting to find for a couple years. These photos might not technicallyContinue reading “2017 Favorites; Ghost”

2017 Favorites; Lake Tahoe

The last Photo Challenge of 2017! I couldn’t think of anything better to end this year with than a photo from one of the most beautiful places in the world, Lake Tahoe. To breathe the same air as the angels, you must go to Tahoe -Mark Twain I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! CheerContinue reading “2017 Favorites; Lake Tahoe”

The Horse-Less Rider

We’ve reached the end of 2017. I’ve read many wonderful posts, and seen many amazing photos, that wraps up the year perfectly. This is going to be a more personal post. The photo above is my favorite photo from 2017. It’s two wild mustangs at the Virginia Range in Nevada. I’ve been watching the pintoContinue reading “The Horse-Less Rider”