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When I’m counting my blessing, I’m counting the steady flow of the Sacramento River. I’m grateful for the beauty, the water supply, and the life it brings to our part of California. I’m grateful for the excellent soil in its vicinity, that allows for growing crops that feeds much more than our local region. 400 miles long it’s actually the largest river in California. Indeed a glowing jewel in the landscape. Many are those fishermen that still get their daily bread from the river. In the summertime when the temperatures are reaching 110+F we love to jump in, and cool of in the river. During the numerous fires we unfortunately experience in the summer, we borrow water from the river. The river is an important part of our life here.

When nature turns extraordinary, your heart turns humble. You simply bow before the glory.

– Unknown

I always feel grateful when I see it’s life bringing water. I have so many favorite places along the river that it would be impossible for me to count them. I love bringing my daughter to the river to contemplate over the day. To encourage her mind to be still. To leave the days distractions, noise, and gadgets behind for some quiet time. That itself brings new life. Thanks for reading my thoughts around the photo I choose for this week’s photo challenge. Looking forward to see the other entries 🙂


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  1. Haha….I have lived in California for all my life since I was 2 years old and I had no clue how long the Sacramento river was! Hey, on our ride on Sunday, we saw a portion of the river, so beautiful. I even took some photos right down at the shore in order to do some paintings. Which reminds me, I need to upload them to my computer. California is special and you always make me shine with pride with your posts. 🙂 Cheers and blessings!

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