Scale 2


The beautiful snow covered mountain in this photo is Mount Lassen. It’s one of the major landmarks of northern California. One of the first things I taught my daughter to look for, to get her bearings, in case she ever got lost. If you travel by car it’s a little more than one hour from us, to get to the base of the mountain. However, in 1915 this volcano had a big eruption, and the volcanic rocks from he eruption can be found all over, within minutes from our doorstep. In fact if we go hiking, or horseback riding, on trails near our place, we often have to deal with big boulders, along with smaller volcanic rocks on the trail. The volcanic rocks rained over a 200 miles radius when Mount Lassen erupted.


This photo is taken from one of our local trails. Notice all the volcanic rocks that are spread out over the landscape. It gives the landscape a magic touch! That was my very first thought, when I experienced it for the first time, a few years back.


Here is one where you can see the scale of the rocks better, Mount Lassen in the background.


A close up picture of mount Lassen, from another angle, taken this spring. It’s a magnificent, extraordinary phenomena, no wonder there’s so many legends about this volcano. If you get a chance google “Mount Lassen Legends”, and you’ll be in for some good reading.

Have an awesome day!


Ms Zen


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