Share a snapshot that shows a sense of waiting.


On my way to work, waiting for the sun. Not that I mind waiting for the sun. In fact I often plan my day to be able to catch the sunrise. I feel the most productive in the morning (it’s 5.36 am now…) It’s my favorite time of the day. Are you a morning person?


Motivation is what gets you started. 

Habit is what keeps you going. 

– Jim Rohn


Have a wonderful day! I’m heading out to find the perfect place to wait for today’s sunrise to bless us with its presence.


Ms Zen




5 Comments on “Waiting

  1. Beautiful photograph. I always get up early to read before chaos (in the form of my children and our student and (whisper it) the wife descends). But my favourite time is the twilight just as it begins to get dark. You get a real sense of the world settling down. Except for the kids and . . . 🙂

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