Merriam-Webster defines “corner” as, among other things, “the point where converging lines, edges, or sides meet.” I also like looking at it from the opposite direction: corners are where lines, objects, and people go their separate ways. A corner is literally a turning point, full of tension and potential.

After reading the description to the weekly photo challenge my thoughts immediately went to Fort Churchill (NV.) The literal corners are obvious, looking at the ruins of the fort, but Fort Churchill also played a major role in history as a point where people went separate ways. For some this was the destination, for others the fort was a stop on the journey. The pony express changed horse and riders near the fort. Military families lived with its compounds. The California trail, the way to the gold rush, passes by the fort. The Carson River, a big river in the middle of the desert, runs by the fort. Reaching inside the walls of the fort meant life for thousands, and thousands of people. Fort Churchill was “a turning point, full of tension and potential”.

Today Fort Churchill is a popular place for photographers to practice their skills. The ruins, and the desert lights are intriguing to play with. I was blessed to basically have it in my backyard, as I worked at a horse ranch nearby for almost a year. I enjoyed going there during times when I knew that there wouldn’t be other people there. I’ve spent countless hours meditating near the fort. The whisper of the aspens along the Carson River have a soothing effect. Have you been to Fort Churchill?


Ms Zen



Exploring the elements of earth, air, water, and fire through the landscapes that surround us.

The inspirational post at The Daily Post, for this week’s photo challenge, is from Arizona. After seeing their photo from Sedona, I could not force my brain to stop thinking about Arizona.

The desert have always been very attractive to me. I’ve spent a lot of time in the desert (not so much in Arizona, as in Nevada.) It’s on my list to explore more of Arizona’s desert. At some point, little by little.

The two photos in this post is from the south rim of the Grand Canyon. My daughter and I went there on a road trip, a couple years ago. Experiencing the grand canyon is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list. No photos can give the experience justice. The overwhelming feelings that takes you out of space and time. I need to go back soon!



Ms Zen