Weekend Coffee Share – Winter Is Coming

The coffee is excellent today, can I offer you a cup? Or perhaps some tea? It is cold and beautiful outside, and I have to say it is good to be alive! Everyone is happy and healthy. It’s a great week. Work had the right level of challenges to make it interesting, my colleagues were fabulous as usual. In Sweden the kids are enjoying a fall-break next week, and we decided to celebrate Halloween all week this week so that they (the kids that are fortunate to be at home with their families next week, some kids still have to attend school, if their parents work,) wouldn’t miss the celebrations. We made tons of Halloween crafts, decorated the school, organised a Halloween Dance (the kids could choose to dress up in Halloween costumes,) we watched a Halloween movie, we did a Halloween walk in the woods with tricky Halloween questions, and had a visit from a famous host of a Swedish Children’s TV show (a colleague dressed up as him hosting a “show” with the kids at our department. They thought it was the real deal, and it was pretty scary, but not too scary.) I am very pleased with how our work week turned out.

We also had our first snow on Tuesday, that is always magical. That snow is gone, but now it is colder again and it is snowing. I LOVE SNOW! I purchased new winter boots this week, so I am ready to conquer the cold.

Sorel Caribou

As of now the snow is slowly falling outside my window. I do admit that I only went outside to take the photo at the top, I am enjoying my coffee inside with a warm oat ciabatta straight out of the oven.

It’s looking to be a great day today. If we were having coffee I’d give you the choice of an oat ciabatta, or Swedish Halloween candy as a side.

Can I tempt you with some eyeballs? A spider? Or maybe a finger?

I am planning on taking a long walk shortly, and spend the rest of the day reading, and hanging out with my daughter. I’m currently reading The Conqueror series, a series of novels by Conn Iggulden about Genghis Khan and his successors, set during the time of the Mongol conquest of the 12th and 13th centuries. Have you read the series? I’m reading the second book, and I really enjoy the series so far.

I don’t have any news about a new apartment to share…yet..stay tuned. Tell me about your week! What’s the weather like? Any fun plans for the weekend?



Weekend Coffee Share – Mindful Living

It’s great to see YOU here this weekend! Can I offer you some coffee? Tea? Hot chocolate? We’ve had a slightly colder week with a low of 23F one morning. My daughter was excited to wear her new winter jacket for the first time. We’ve been wearing hats and gloves for a couple weeks now. The weather have been clear, with beautiful star filled nights. In fact we’ve been admiring the stars and the moon during our morning walks. The afternoon have been pleasantly sunny in the 50’s. What’s the weather like in your area?

The owner of the house we are renting have finally realised the severeness of the horrible ventilation. Two weeks ago we got a new fan in the bathroom, and earlier this week we’ve had three vents installed throughout the house. I’ve noticed the indoor air quality getting a lot better. (I believe there might be some permanent water damage to the bathroom though.) 

I mentioned last week that I’ve decided to move closer to town anyways, and that I’ve started to look for places there. It’s really difficult to get any living quarters in our town, due to it being the “capital city of our region” and its close (everything is relative) proximity to Stockholm. Finding a nice place to live is even harder unless you are a millionaire (literally. I’m not a millionaire. I’m a teacher, and a single mom.) Considering this I was happily surprised when being offered not one, but two very interesting apartments this week. I’ve been applying for maybe a total of 30 apartments these past two months. These two were among these. There is a point system, and the ten people/families with the highest points applying for a place get an offer to view it in person, or online. If you are two adults with income in one household your points are connected and you have a much bigger chance of getting a good place. As a single mom, having lived outside of the country for several years my points aren’t the highest, but not the lowest either. I don’t have enough points to get a super affordable apartment as they tend to be very popular (many people competing for them,) but the ones in the upper margin of my budget are within reach (not as many people are competing for them.) Basically meaning that I’ll likely get a slightly bigger apartment than the minimalist in me need. The upside is that it would also be in a better neighbourhood, and likely a newer building. Due to Corona I only viewed the two apartments I’d been offered to view online. I said yes to both, but I know that I’m number nine in line for one of them, the other one I do not know. For that first one the eight families ahead of me would have to say no, or not qualify financially, for me to actually get the place. (You can calculate yourself if you qualify financially to be considered. I know I am qualified for both with a good margin.) I’m hoping to find out this coming week if I am lucky to get one of them. The one I’m number nine in line for is brand new, and the other house is built in 2012. The house built 2012 is a passive house, very energy efficient, with a huge balcony with glass screens, basically my own greenhouse. In the passive house I would also have access to a big community greenhouse for year round gardening with my neighbours. The passive house is a few minutes further from main street, but still in the town center. It has nicer surroundings, with more green areas, but is also more expensive than the brand new house. The brand new house is one street up from the main shopping street. It is also close to a very nice co-op (with amazing vegetables) that I’m a member of. I really like both of the apartments, and both of them would be great for us. They are bigger than we need, but not insanely big. The passive house apartment is 860sq. ft, and the brand new apartment 720sq. ft. We live comfortably on less than 500 sq. ft now. Both apartments have many big windows and a lot of natural light (I could have many plants,) both have big balconies (both could be turned into amazing balcony gardens,) all rooms have wooden floors, the bathrooms are tiled – they are nice. I’m not in the same hurry to move now, due to the new ventilation system at our old house, but being in town would make every day life easier. Do you need a refill on your coffee? What’s going on in your life?

My newest photos on Instagram.

I got three new books this week (first instagram photo.) I picked them up on Thursday, and I was planning on enjoying them this weekend….but I’ve already finished two of them. LOL. I will enjoy the last one this weekend. All three are beautiful books about different areas of living a sustainable life. Books that will be a part of the decor in my home for years to come. I really like when you step into a home and the decor tells you something personal about the people that lives there. Tell me about your week. Any fun plans for the weekend?