Silent Sunday

Weekend Coffee Share  – A Good Week!

A09EEF7B-0C05-4185-AB39-4B8ED223824DIt’s still dark outside my window, the house is quiet and it’s the perfect time to enjoy a cup of coffee. What would you like? This week I’ve been getting up very early every day, between 4am and 4.30am. My body does not acknowledge that it is Saturday today, I woke up “before the alarm” as usual. I do enjoy the quiet solitude of early mornings. Most days I could of slept an hour longer, if I rushed the morning, but I need to sit down and meditate before the day begin, have breakfast at home (even though I can eat later with the kids at school most days,) stretch my body, and help my daughter get ready for the day in peace. That soft, quiet start makes all the difference. When all those details that makes a perfect morning cooperates, the day feels like a dance. Do you have any morning routines that you don’t want to live without?

It’s been a good week. I did spend some time this week taking preventive tests at the hospital. I feel great, and hope to stay that way for a long time! 

The weather have been pleasant, around 25 F and we’ve seen some sun. There is no snow on the ground, but since we’ve had a little bit of a cold they’ve been able to prepare our towns ski-slope with artificial snow, that you can see in the distance in this picture I posted on Instagram Friday morning. 

My daughter tried skiing for the first time in her life yesterday. Her conclusion is that she is going to stick with snowboarding. LOL. 

Of course it wouldn’t be right to forget about Valentine’s Day yesterday. I’ve been making beautiful Valentine’s Day cards with the children at work for a couple days. I’m amazed by their imagination and creativity. I showed them an idea of how to make a pop-up heart shaped card on Thursday, and many of them made variations on that. One boy made a fabulous 5-layered heart card in different colours, it was amazing. My daughter made me a beautiful card, that I will save among the special treasures she’s given me throughout the years. I gave my daughter a wrapped package with some new clothes, candy, and a glittery card before going to school yesterday. 

Would you like a refill on your coffee? How are you doing? Do you have any special plans for the weekend? I’m thinking about taking my daughter for a picnic at a lake some time this weekend. I’ve seen a hiking trail, and some beautiful picnic spots driving by, but we’ve actually never explored the area. I’m hoping to see some of it this weekend. Tell me my friend, what makes your world spin? 



(After) The Weekend Coffee Share 


I decided to write a coffee share even though the weekend is long gone. We do need coffee even though it is not the weekend, right? 

I’ve been inventing different ways of encouraging my daughter to speak more Swedish every day. My inventive methods, I’ll get back to them in a minute, have kept me away from the computer. My daughter is making progress with her Swedish, but she often choose English because it is easier. A little too often. Of course it is OK for her to speak her native language, but it would be good for her to practice more Swedish so that she could start in a regular class, in a regular Swedish school close to where we live. Right now she is in a transitional school for people who only just came to Sweden (like her.) The transitional school is a little further from our house, but not terribly far. This temporary school is a stepping stone into the real school.

She attends an after school program close to our house, at the school where she is going to attend when she is more confident in her Swedish. She took some tests last week, and it is decided that she is going to attend an age appropriate class (many newly arrived children have to start classes below their age group.) She will start later this spring. We feel good about that.

My daughter loves to play different card games, and I agreed to play with her many hours this past weekend. I told her that I would play as long as she speaks only Swedish when we play. Her Swedish is much better than I thought! Playing long card games while speaking Swedish is a method I am going to keep using. 

I’ve made a similar “deal” with her reading. She have asked me to crochet a blanket with the colors of the rainbow for her. I agreed to work on it for one hour every night, if she reads to me at the same time. We’ve done that for the past ten days. Now you know why I haven’t been at my computer so much..the day only have so many hours. I work full time, and after work my priority have been to help my daughter find her way here in Sweden. I know from my own experience of moving to California 8,5 years ago how confusing it can be to adjust to not only a new language but new food, a new culture, a different climate and new people. 

I am planning some fun adventure traveling to other parts of Sweden this spring and summer, and I look forward to that. For now I am very happy with how things are progressing with our day-to-day life. I really enjoy my work, and my daughter is happy. We’ve made our new house our own now. We’ve started to grow alfalfa sprouts in the kitchen window like we always do, and we framed photos from our travels that we’ve put up around the house. Life is good. How are you doing? Would you like a refill on your coffee?